Thursday, 18 April 2019
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Why Us?

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     As all of us know it, Advertising sector is witnessing a remarkable boom in last decade, with about 500% expansion. Hence, the variation in the advertising mediums, also getting increased rapidly. These new mediums of Advertising are not only offer the very low cost but also more effective in comparison of traditional mediums. After Europe and US, now vehicle advertising is gaining popularity in India too. This is a medium, that pay you much more than you pay to use it. Let's have a look to the following list to get an Idea about the superiority of ‘’ over the traditional mediums of advertising in terms of pricing and effects.   

Just Check Difference in Price and No. of effected people of advertising Mediums given below…


 Example:- What you get, when you spent Rs. 5,00,000/- approx...





People effected

Cost Per Head

Radio (FM)

30 Sec. (15 times)

Metro city/NCR

3500 to 4500

Rs. 125approx.


45 Sec. (1 Time) On lower TRP channel

selected states

5500 to 6500

Rs. 83 approx.


4”X6” (1 time) FPage

One State

2500 to 3500

Rs. 166 approx.

Vehicle Advertising

2’X5’ (10fit) Both side 2 years to 3 Years

Your Selected Large AREA

300000 TO 350000

Rs. 1.53 approx.

Choice your... Decision YOURS...???