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Our Pricing

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On Road Vehicle Range

Ad For 2 Years

Ad For 3 Years

Service Tax 12.36%

4.5 Lacs to 6 Lacs

Rs. 280000/-

Rs. 370000/-

Will be extra on both plan

6 Lacs to 8 Lacs

Rs. 370000/-

Rs. 525000/-

Will be extra on both plan

8 Lacs to 10.5 Lacs

Rs. 525000/-

Rs. 670000/-

Will be extra on both plan

10.5 Lacs to 14 Lacs

Rs. 670000/-

Rs. 870000/-

Will be extra on both plan

For 3 years Advertisement ALL vehicle will be brand NEW. Your Company Can ask a  specify Vehicle for ad, and also

Your Company May Order for (1 to 10 vehicles Advertisements)  in a single contract.


Not:- If your ad will be for two years duration, than ad Vehicle may Be Old 3 Months to 9 Months.


All Payment will be in Favour of    “VINAYAK CREATIONS” by D.D./Cheque/Online Transfer/NEFT/RTGS payable at...

A/c Name:      Vinayak Creations

A/c No.:          6814002100001524

Bank Name:   Punjab National Bank

Branch:          Dhanaura

IFSC CODE:    PUNB0681400

MICR CODE:   244024553

                                                                       :: Head Office :: 




TEL: 0091-5924-275528, MOB: 0091-9027209393

T&C / Returns

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1.'' does the contract with you for a continue period of three years. 


2. '' provides you a guarantee for minimum 1600 KMs running of vehicle, while other companies guarantee 1500 KMs only.


3. If during any month, vehicle runs 100 KMs less, '' gives you the guarantee for 1800 KMs running of vehicle in next month.


4. '' covers the area of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi/NCR and Rajasthan (approx...  Total North India) and also we can provide our services in area on demand by the Advertiser.  


5. Vehicle will be covered with GPS tracking and a monthly report will be provided to your company. 


6. Vehicle will be launched on road within the 30 days after the finalization of contract and clearance of full payment.  


7. '' provides you a special facility to change your graphics in every six months without any additional charge, but if you want to get changed the graphic within the period of less than six months, you'd have to pay the expenses required.


8. In the case of emergency i.e. accidents etc., if the vehicle is not able to run, then '' will arrange the other vehicle within the next 25 days, and these 25 days will be added consecutively in your contract period. 


9. If advertiser wants to inspect his advertisement vehicle, may call the vehicle at its Head/ Regional Office, but it must be within 300 KMs radius from Delhi/NCR.


10. If advertiser wants the graphic wrapping on vehicle at his own place, he may do so.


11. If company feels dissatisfy with the performance of '' (However, it would never), the 50% of amount paid by the company will be refunded back after completing one year(excluding service tax). No amount will be paid after two years.


12. In case of any dispute (However, it would never) the field of jurisdiction will only Amroha (U.P.).

Why Us?

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     As all of us know it, Advertising sector is witnessing a remarkable boom in last decade, with about 500% expansion. Hence, the variation in the advertising mediums, also getting increased rapidly. These new mediums of Advertising are not only offer the very low cost but also more effective in comparison of traditional mediums. After Europe and US, now vehicle advertising is gaining popularity in India too. This is a medium, that pay you much more than you pay to use it. Let's have a look to the following list to get an Idea about the superiority of ‘’ over the traditional mediums of advertising in terms of pricing and effects.   

Just Check Difference in Price and No. of effected people of advertising Mediums given below…


 Example:- What you get, when you spent Rs. 5,00,000/- approx...





People effected

Cost Per Head

Radio (FM)

30 Sec. (15 times)

Metro city/NCR

3500 to 4500

Rs. 125approx.


45 Sec. (1 Time) On lower TRP channel

selected states

5500 to 6500

Rs. 83 approx.


4”X6” (1 time) FPage

One State

2500 to 3500

Rs. 166 approx.

Vehicle Advertising

2’X5’ (10fit) Both side 2 years to 3 Years

Your Selected Large AREA

300000 TO 350000

Rs. 1.53 approx.

Choice your... Decision YOURS...???

Our Goals

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  • Hits: 6273' is fully committed toward its responsibility to provide you best service and 100% satisfaction so that your company could get maximum exposure.  


Our goal is that advertisement being done by us could reach to millions of people and you could convince yourself that a deal with '', is one of the most profitable deals, you made so far in your business.


Our goal also is to establish a lifelong relationship with your company so that we could serve you regularly. 



Our goal is to be included in the leading advertising services providers of India, within a year.

About Us

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Ad on move


We offer Satisfaction with Perfection  


Because we are here to advertise your products and services in a unique way.


We, welcome you at this concept of VINAYAK CREATION’s '', that is especially designed for your company.


An Initiative that is committed to advertise your company for three years full of constant and speedy on-wheels move.


We are ready to bring a boom in the world of advertising. We assure you that this initiative will give you multiple exposure and hundred times better response in comparison of any other for of advertising media. 


Our expertise includes excellent graphic designing for your advertise and a guarantee of a service, best in the industry and life time access with a permanent presence of your company at our website.